The California management review is a review by Vogel David. It has been published for the Hass School of business. The primary focus of the article is that the author has attempted to establish a communication between those who study management and all those who practice it. It is a quarterly management journal. It was established in 1958 and it presents researched based content. It aims to facilitate the findings in the contemporary scholarly business and also to address the issues that are a lot of concern to the managers. The journal has an impact factor of 1.667. The contributors of CMR include management consultants, senior executives, policy makers and other senior executives. The journal is published quarterly.


The five main points from the article are as follows:

  1. CMR has laid emphasis on three different areas of critical importance to both the practicing managers and the       academic researchers. All of the above areas are vital to understand the organizational theory.
  2.  They are global competition and competitiveness, business and public policy and strategy and organization. The issues mentioned above are pressing areas of concern.
  3. It has focused on the contemporary developments in the global economy, strategicplanning, and strategies for innovation, managing human resources, business ethics and corporate culture.
  4. CMR shall release “special issues” like the spring 2013 issuetaht had focused on the intellectual property management. The journal comes up with certain specific issues that give a host of information.
  5.  The journal also has Case series which is a collection of business case studies. The case settings are intended for their role in the educational settings. Case studies are a good method of understanding the real scenarios that the organizations face in routine business.



The journal shall be great interest to the class as it shall teach us how to communicate effectively between the people who study management and those who practice it. The class shall benefit a lot by getting to understand the many facets of researched based content. The case studies are especially useful as the class will benefit from the previous case studies.