Approaches in selling

There are several approaches that must be practiced by sales people in order to have successful sales in their products. The first main approach that is most commonly used is that of introductory approach. This approach is crucial for the sales man as it determines if the client will buy the product or not. The introductory approach is normally seen as an important step towards making a sale (Louis 2003). The sales man is expected to introduce him or herself and give a brief description of the product. The most common way of introduction that sales men are supposed to use on the prospects is by greeting them first, then they go ahead to introduce the name of the company to the prospect, this gives the prospect a better idea of where the products come from.

A second other approach that is commonly used in selling is that of product approach (Louis 2003). In this approach, the salesman is expected to fully give beneficial descriptions of the product. He or she has to give details on why the prospect should buy the product. The salesman should give enough details to the prospect on exactly where the products are coming from. This gives the prospect a sense of confidence on the products. The salesman is also expected to give alternative of different products so as to increase the chances of the customer buying the products. Salesmen do not walk with a single particular product because one product may seem to be inferior to others so it is recommended for a salesman to have many alternative products so as to satisfy the

The third approach, which is called the question approach, is used by sales men (Kim 2003). In this approach the sales man will ask certain questions so as to get an interview from the prospect. This approach really tries to understand fully what exactly the customer is really looking for in a product before buying it. The salesman in this approach will precisely know the exact product the prospect is looking for. The fourth approach is that of survey. In this approach, the sales man will have to carry out a survey of the prospect before an approach. This gives the salesman an advantage as he or she will be able to know the needs of the potential customer. The survey approach will also allow the salesman to carry out a survey on many people and that will increase the chances of the salesman selling the products.

Healthcare organizations need to adopt serious and important analysis to ensure that they provide credible services to the patients. The first major analysis that can be adopted is that of developing an action plan for implementation. This will ensure that the organization is well managed and provides the best possible services to the consumers. The other analysis that can be adopted is that of running pilot studies. Again here, pilot studies will ensure that health care organizations have all it takes to conduct credible services to consumers. Pilot studies really help to ensure that the organizations are managed effectively and things like costs workers and other aspects will be fully looked at to make sure that everything in the healthcare organizations are running smoothly.

The other analysis is that of providing healthcare FMEA tools. As technology changes, there is great need for healthcare organizations to have modern equipment’s so as to ensure that they provide quality services to the consumers. The main focus should always be on the patients in any healthcare organization. Patients need to be well taken care of and receive quality treatment so as healthcare organizations can achieve their main objectives.


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