Content, SEO and Google Analytics

Content Marketing

Content marketing marks a departure from traditional marketing methods, as it focuses on the provision of valuable and relevant information to customers. “Our Exchange” is a project that if handled carefully, is likely to generate an immense following, particularly because of the objective angle it hopes to adopt towards the analysis of various issues in business. These episodes, particularly interviews with experts and the interactive segment, are likely to generate important objective content that the customer’s trust. Therefore, if directed properly, the show would be able to generate essential objective and valuable content that can then be utilized as part of its digital marketing strategy. In particular, the show can ensure that it posts transcripts of the interviews from previous episodes, as these are likely to generate important traffic, and ensure viewers who might have missed important segments of the moving interviews, are able to catch up. The insight provided by the experts invited to the show constitutes important content that would be applicable to real life situations. The content generated from the expert interviews and the interactive segments will then be used to develop criteria for judging products or services from different industries, with the different episodes and guest experts offering important diverse views leading to rich content. Other than being popular amongst the consumers, the content will also help attract sponsors, whose products or services meet the criteria mentioned in the content. Sponsorship can even be linked to the number of keywords from the selected sponsors that have been added to the generated content. Other than being keyword rich, the most important attributes of the content adopted from the episodes will be their relevance and value, particularly to the target market including entrepreneurs, executives, MBA students and managers.

SEO Strategy

The main aim of the SEO strategy will obviously be to generate increased traffic to the programs web page, as well as other associated web pages, including social media. As such, ensuring the content is rich in keywords that identify it with the sponsors, as well as the television program will be of paramount importance, as the web pages, and associated pages will be hoping the popularity of the program generates sufficient traffic; although the reverse might also be true. GoogleTrends could be an important source of debate topics, particularly on social media pages such as twitter and Facebook. Based on the level of traffic generated by the trending topics, the show may then opt to invite an expert on the select topic, and from that develop relevant valuable content which can then be posted on the website, or on associated pages. Such a strategy will also ensure that the content is rich in niche and unique keywords, and the website is updated regularly. By adopting such a strategy, the company will ensure that a significant percentage of the content is user generated, which is likely to encourage even more traffic leading to a good website and program rating, as well as the building of a sense of community. Creating a community that is critical and capable of shaping public opinion, could be important when it comes to attracting sponsors.

The company can ensure simplicity, particularly on the website page and important connected pages, by choosing an appropriate domain name that identifies it with the show. Furthermore, the use of meta tags, headers, descriptions and site maps, could serve the purpose of simplifying navigation through the pages. This would ensure that users are able to find information they are looking for easily, or add information and views. This simplified structuring of the website could also improve its search engine ranking; hence considerably improve online traffic, which could be good for digital marketing.


The Use of Google Analytics

Google Analytics could be an important resource that the company uses to tweak its digital strategy, particularly its approach to content and search engine optimization. This is based on the fact that it will provide important statistics regarding the nature of visitor traffic, as well as the most popular paths through which people arrive at the program’s website. Knowledge of who is visiting the site or associated pages, as well as how they arrive at these pages, will be very important, as it will form the basis upon which the SEO strategy and the content can be evaluated. In particular, the evaluation will be aimed at establishing whether the two approaches adopted are attracting the target audience that includes entrepreneurs, executives, MBA students and managers. In addition, the route the audience takes to arrive at the page in question, could also reveal whether or not, there is a need to direct greater resources to the given route. For instance, if the traffic analysis reveals that a majority of the visitors arrive at the website from the programs social media page, this would denote a need to increase the programs social media presence, and engage in greater debate through the social media, as it attracts a considerable number of the target population. In addition to helping attract the target population, and consequently sponsors, proper utilization of Google Analytics, will ensure the company is aware of the exact online following it has, and their attributes, making it easier to negotiate with potential sponsors.